Raintree Team & Resident at KISS Concert

On April 9, 2019, Resident Stan Maxwell experienced a life-long dream come true. Stan was accompanied to a KISS concert at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena by three members of the Raintree Manor team. Stan had an even greater dream realized after Raintree’s director of nursing reached out to Gene Simmons on Twitter prior to the concert and received a reply from Gene’s manager days later with four free tickets and backstage passes!

“The highlight of the concert for me was during the meet and greet photo op with the band. As we were coming in and lining up in front of the band for the photo, each member of the band fist bumped Stan,” said Marilyn Dixon, Director of Nursing. “Just seeing Stan during the concert playing the air guitar and watching the show made my heart melt. I was so happy for him.”

The three Raintree team members, including Activities Director Carson Rust, who wanted to make this KISS-crazy resident’s dream come true had planned to pay for the tickets themselves prior to being gifted the tickets and backstage passes.

“It was a great experience and such an honor to be a part of making Stan’s dream a reality,” said Joey Savage, Maintenance Director. “Glad to be a part of this dream and this team at Raintree Manor.”