Resident of the Month: Hazel P.

senior woman with white hair sitting for photo wearing fuchsia shirt and grey and white sweater

Mrs. P. was born in Huntsville Alabama. Her family later moved to Warren County and purchased 600 acres of land on top of Harrison Ferry Mountain. When Hazel was sixteen years old, she went to The Park Theater for a Saturday Matinee and that where she met a handsome young man and feel in love. He told her that very day that he wanted to marry her and if she would show up next week at the same time that they would run off and get married. She felt the same way. So, the next Saturday Hazel left home to go to the matinee and they got married. They were married for thirty-five years before his passed away.

Hazel is the mother of four boys and one girl. She says that her kids are the best.

Hazel worked as an LPN in the ER at the old Warren County Hospital and later moved to the Nursery where she worked until her retirement. She still talks about all the Babies she has taken care of over the years. Hazel enjoys her family and big dinner get-to-togethers. Everyone that know her knows that she has  “green thumb” and can make anything grow. She has always loved gardening. She attended the Seventh Day Adventist Church and was very active in the Church. Hazel knows all the words to most gospel songs and enjoys singing.