Resident of the Month is Mary M.

senior woman lookiing at laptop with young woman

Most people in this area know Mary. When Mary was born in 1936 her parents were given the news that she would probably not live through the night.

Mary was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, had severe respiratory problems. Mary was born with determination according to her sister Faye. Mary always strived to be independent and prove to everyone that she can do what she sets her mind to. Mary lived independently in an apartment before declining health brought her to Raintree. Carson Rust, Activities Director and Devonya King, Marketing Director would go to the Apartment Complex Mary lived in once a month for a fun Activity like Bingo. Mary always attended and said if she ever needed care she would come to Raintree. Mary loves listening to gospel music. She also enjoys TV and visits from family and friends. Mary’s room is beautifully decorated with her favorite things including photos of family and special friends and some of her favorite dolls. She brings a ray of sunshine to everyone she meets. Recently with the visitation restrictions Faye, Mary’s sister decided she just had to see her so she walked around the building to Mary’s window. She had made a poster letting Mary know that she was loved. Mary’s smile was huge when she saw Faye.

Pictured is Mary Moon being assisted by Amber Looper Activities Assistant on a recent Face Time call with Mary’s sister.