Volunteer Spotlight

David and Iona King dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus

This month we would like to recognize David and Iona King. They have been volunteering at Raintree for many years. David and Iona help with Bingo, Cookouts, trips, crafts, decorations, holidays and anything we have ever asked them to do. Carson Rust, Activities Director had the following to say when asked about the Kings “anytime I have ever called and asked them to help with any project or trip David always responds with “what time you need us to be there”’. David has helped Carson cook several pigs in the ground and even stayed up all night with him to make sure the pork cooked perfectly. As most Raintree folks know “Pig in the Ground” is one of the favorite activities of the year. David and Iona have a direct connection with the Easter Bunny and Santa. Both recruit them yearly as helpers. David and Iona have a costume for every occasion and if they don’t, no worries Iona will make one in no time. When they are not volunteering at Raintree the King’s can be found volunteering at NHC, Church or the Fair. We appreciate them so much and are thankful for their giving hearts.